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AskSARA Warwickshire is an easy-to-use website that helps improve people’s access to a range of ‘self-help’ smart technology and associated services in Warwickshire – from automatic pill dispensers to reminder clocks, personal alarms and general equipment to help make daily activities easier so that they can stay well for longer.

From cooking and bathing to taking medication, or doing hobbies and daily tasks, AskSARA provides information, advice and guidance on smart gadgets and solutions (Assistive Technology) that can enable people to help themselves. The website signposts people to a whole range of gadgets and solutions based on their own personal needs and produces an individual report with suggested ideas, based on the answers to some simple, multiple-choice questions. AskSARA aims to reduce reliance on friends, family and professional carers and help them to stay well in their own home.

  • AskSARA website aims to improve and increase access to Assistive Technology for people in Warwickshire

  • AskSARA can help people to stay safe, healthy and independent by suggesting solutions that they and their families or carers may not have thought of before or they may not have been aware of.

  • It’s for adults of all ages who need a range of support to make their lives and day-to-day tasks easier.

  • There’s a wide variety of Assistive Technology out there that is really simple to use, but people often don’t know what it is they need to help them. The AskSARA website presents them with the information, advice and guidance that they need.

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