Buying assistive technology

Buying your own items

You can purchase your own assistive technology items without having a social care assessment, which is a more timely process.

If you’re not sure what gadgets are available and how they could help, you can assess yourself for equipment online at AskSARA Warwickshire. It is really easy to use website which starts off with the area you may some help with. There is useful advice and pointers and explanations to how some of these gadgets work.

There are some assistive technology suppliers that offer rental, or a try before you buy scheme. You may wish to consider this before buying your own equipment. Some equipment needs regular maintenance and battery checks, make sure to ask if they provide equipment maintenance and how much this costs.

For more smart/digital Assistive Technology (monitored or with a Sim card) it is important that you think about support to get this setup before purchasing i.e) family and friends. A lot of instructions for these items tends to be online or in PDF document form, rather than a traditional paper instruction booklet.

Ask Sara Warwickshire is a website that will give you advice and information around Assistive Technology that may be suitable and varied self-purchase options. You can also purchase some AT gadgets from Millbrook including a lifeline/monitored service Contact Millbrook Healthcare online. You can access a Lifeline, or community alarm service through your local district and borough council. Some of the more local services may have a responder service which may be beneficial if there is a distance between yourself and family (this varies depending on your locality).