Borrowing assistive technology

Borrowing assistive technology

Support through health and social care

If you are eligible for social care support, a practitioner will listen to you and discuss your needs either over the phone or at an appointment. Following discussion with a practitioner of your individual needs, it could be identified or recommended that some assistive technology/gadgets may be beneficial to your needs.

If you are eligible for support a standalone gadget would be on loan to you from Warwickshire Integrated community Equipment service for as long as you need to use it (these gadgets have no ongoing costs).

For monitored gadgets i.e) Lifeline you would be required to have a financial assessment as part of the process. This determines whether or not you will be asked to contribute to the cost of monitoring the equipment, how much you pay will depend on your financial assessment. This equipment will still be on loan.

When any gadgets or equipment are no longer needed Millbrook Healthcare will come and collect the equipment, or you can drop it off at the Binley based depot if it is convenient. If you’re eligible you could opt for a ‘Direct Payment’ to buy your own assistive technology, as long as it contributes towards meeting your health and social care needs (This is something to discuss with your practitioner).

Ask Sara Warwickshire is a website that will give you advice and information around Assistive Technology that may be suitable and varied self-purchase options. You can also purchase some AT gadgets from Millbrook including a lifeline/monitored service Contact Millbrook Healthcare online. You can access a Lifeline, or community alarm service through your local district and borough council. Some of the more local services may have a responder service which may be beneficial if there is a distance between yourself and family (this varies depending on your locality).