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Information for professionals

Assistive technology can:

  • Support people to remain in their own homes
  • Support carers in their role and provide reassurance
  • Support people to get out and about in the community
  • Support discharge from hospital
  • Support positive risk taking
  • Prevent or delay the need for further health and social care services
  • Provide you with efficient and creative care solutions for your customers
  • Promote enabling behaviour
  • Assist people transitioning between services
  • Assist people to regain independence
  • Assist you in assessing a customer’s needs
  • Be used as a preventative solution
  • Be introduced quickly following a diagnosis, such as dementia
  • Be introduced in early childhood to promote independence and support parents.

All Warwickshire health and social care practitioners can order assistive technology. Before you can order assistive technology you must attend training. Training can be booked on WILMa, just search for assistive technology. Once you have completed the relevant training you will be given a PIN which will allow you to order equipment from Millbrook Healthcare. Millbrook Healthcare offer a range of assistive technology available to health and social care practitioners. However, you can order any assistive technologies through Millbrook Healthcare as long as it is meeting an identified customer need.

Telecare service

Telecare which is monitored and provided through Warwickshire County Council is a chargeable service. Customers will need to have a financial assessment and telecare is charged at a maximum of £1.53 per week. The telecare service includes a rapid response service for those customers who do not have friends or family near by. Customers can buy their own telecare service, Millbrook Healthcare offer a free eight week trial. Though there are lots of suppliers of telecare.

Funding options

Customers can buy their own assistive technology solutions. Direct payments can be used to buy assistive technology. Health and social care may fund assistive technology to meet a customer’s needs. The costs of assistive technology equipment varies from low cost to a much higher cost. Have a look at the Millbrook Healthcare ordering system or where to buy your assistive technology section to get an idea of costs.

Information for organisations that support people in Warwickshire

We are developing assistive technology training for organisations that support people in Warwickshire. We will advertise here when training is available. In the meantime you may wish to consider:

  • How assistive technology can be used within your service to maximise customer outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and improve customer and staff safety?
  • If your staff have an understanding of assistive technology and what is available.
  • If you want to supply your customers with information about assistive technology.
  • Keeping up to date with new assistive technology equipment and services.
  • How assistive technology can be used to promote enabling behaviour and positive risk taking.

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