Register for the 11 plus test

Applications for Year 7 entry in September 2019

You can register for the test online from Tuesday 8th May 2018.

You must complete the registration application by 4pm on 29th June 2018.

If you apply after this time we will not process your application for any Warwickshire Grammar Schools until after National Offer Day on 1st March 2019.

If your child has any special educational needs and/or medical issues that we need to be aware of, or that you feel may impact them on the day of the test, then you MUST complete the Supplementary 11 + Form and submit this to the Admissions Service by 5pm on Wednesday 13 June 2018.

11+ Special Testing Arrangements Supplementary Form (PDF, 211.97 KB)

Failure to comply with the deadline will mean that any special needs and/or medical conditions will not be considered and your child will sit the 11 + test under normal test conditions.

You must still formally register your child for the 11 + test even if you submit the supplementary form as well.

You can register for the test online from Tuesday 8 May 2018 but you can only complete a paper copy of the supplementary form. This can then be posted or emailed to the Admissions Service:

We strongly advise you to read the admission arrangements for 2019 for the grammar schools you are interested in, with details about the testing process and how places will be allocated.

11+ testing and grammar school admissions for Year 7 entry in September 2018

You can still register your child for the entry in September 2018 but your application will now be classed as late. You must complete and submit a paper copy of the 11 + registration form.

You must also apply for the grammar schools through your home authority, if you wish for your child to be considered for a grammar school place and, potentially, be added to the waiting list.

Your child can only be added to the waiting list for Warwickshire grammar school if they score highly even in the 11+ test.

Your information rights

To see how we use your personal data and what your information rights are, please read our overall customer privacy notice at which includes the contact details if you have a complaint about your information rights. For general enquiries, contact Warwickshire County Council customer services on 01926 410410.

Register for the 11 plus test was last updated on July 11, 2018.