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Children in Year 5 or 6

Taking the 11+ test is not the same as making an application for a grammar school, nor does it guarantee an offer of a place at a grammar school. You must still submit a secondary school application through your home authority (who you pay your Council Tax to), naming any Warwickshire grammar schools you wish to apply for on that application.

If you live outside of Warwickshire, please contact your home authority for further information about their admissions process.

If your application for a grammar school is classed as late (i.e., received after the 30 June deadline), it will not be processed until after the first round of offers have been released in the following March. At that point, your child’s score from the 11+ test will be used to assess their priority for a place. They will be placed on to the relevant waiting list(s) for the grammar schools where their 11+ score meets the minimum academic standard for that entry year.

Before you submit your application, please read Grammar Schools in Warwickshire, which has additional information on how places are allocated. 

Applicants for 2025 entry should create or log in to a Parent Portal account from 7 May 2024 onwards and submit the online 11+ registration form that will be available underneath the relevant child’s details on the account. An automatic email will be sent to the email address associated with the Parent Portal account confirming submission, once it has been completed successfully.

Please see our webinar on applying for a secondary school place with 11+ results, you can watch it back on our YouTube page.

Children already in Year 7 or above

You will need to apply for a Warwickshire grammar school through our in-year admissions process.

If your child has taken the Warwickshire’s 11+ test previously, then their existing score will be used to assess their priority for a place against all other applicants for the same year group.

If your child has not taken Warwickshire’s 11+ test before and they are under the age of 12, they can sit the relevant 11+ test for their cohort. Please complete and return this registration form and a testing session will be arranged for your child.

If your child is 12 years of age or older and they have not sat Warwickshire’s 11+ test before, please submit an application to Warwickshire County Council via the Parent Portal. Each grammar school will assess your child’s ability separately and then notify us of the result achieved. We will then use that information to determine your child’s priority for a place against all other applicants for the same year group.

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