For secondary school entry in September 2022

Registration for Warwickshire’s 11+ test for entry to a grammar school in September 2022 has now closed. The deadline to register your child as an on-time candidate was 30 June 2021.  

Whilst you can still register your child as a late candidate, they will not be invited to attend a testing session or be considered for a place at any of Warwickshire’s grammar schools, until after 1 March 2022. Please note that it is likely that by that date, all the grammar school places will have been offered to on-time candidates. 

If you would still like to register your child as a late candidate, please complete the late candidate form (PDF, 231 KB) and return it to

To request additional testing provisions for your child due to special educational needs or medical conditions, please submit a Special Testing Arrangements form (PDF. 126 KB) to Please note that as the deadline for on-time requests has passed, any requests submitted now may not be considered until after 1 March 2022, meaning that the child’s 11+ registration and any application made for a Warwickshire grammar school, will be classed as late.

Children aged 12 or over 

For children who are 12 or over, you will need to contact the relevant grammar school(s) to register your interest for your child to be tested by them. They will need to sit an internal selection test with each grammar school they are interested in, and their results will be compared to those of the year group they intend to join in order to assess their academic suitability for a place.

Sitting a selection test is not an application for a grammar school and once you have your results, you will also need to submit an application for a change of school (in Warwickshire). 

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