There are six selective grammar schools throughout Warwickshire, all of whom allocate their places based on the results achieved in the 11+ selection test. This test assesses a child's ability to solve problems which may go beyond what they have been taught in school.

The Warwickshire 11+ selection test is comprised of a mixture of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and mathematics multiple-choice questions.

Candidates sit the whole test in a single session lasting approximately three hours with a short break halfway through.

Eligibility to sit the Warwickshire 11+ test is based solely on the child's date of birth. Candidates register for the test in May or June of the academic year during which they turn 10 years old (chronologically, school year 5).

The testing is then normally scheduled to take place the following September, during their final primary school year.

Sitting the 11+ test does not constitute an application for a grammar school place. You must still submit an application through your home authority, naming any Warwickshire grammar schools you wish to apply to.

If you live outside of Warwickshire, please contact your home authority for further information about their admissions process.

If your child has any special educational needs and/or medical issues that we need to be aware of, or that you feel may impact them on the day of the test, then you must complete the supplementary 11+ form and submit this to the Admissions Service once you have completed your registration.

We strongly advise you to read the admission arrangements for the grammar schools you are interested in, including details about the testing process and how places will be allocated.

Applicants living outside of Warwickshire

The 11+ test for 2023 entry will be operated as a shared test between Warwickshire and the Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation. The same test papers will be utilised across both authorities and candidates can opt for their results to be shared across the two authorities, if they wish to be considered for grammar schools in both counties.

Birmingham residents must register for the 11+ test through the Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation. Residents of other authorities (for example, Solihull, Worcestershire and Coventry) should register for the 11+ test through the authority in which the grammar schools they would like to apply for are located.

If you are not a Warwickshire or Birmingham resident and you wish for your child to be considered for grammar schools across the two authorities, choose either Birmingham or Warwickshire to register your child for the test with, but only one. Your results can still be shared between both authorities if you tick the relevant box on the registration form.

If you do not register your child for the 2023 entry test by the deadline of 30 June 2022, you will not be able to have your results shared between both authorities. Please contact each party individually to discuss a late registration.