The 11+ test is the normal route to assessing a child’s suitability for a Warwickshire grammar school. Although it closely relates to the curriculum that children are taught in schools, the level of difficulty may go beyond the levels that children are expected to be achieving by the end of Key Stage 2. 

The 11+ test currently used in Warwickshire includes a mixture of questions which cover skills relating to English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The test is in a multiple-choice format and is completed in one session that lasts about three hours (with a break). The raw data is then standardised and weighted to provide a total score for each child. Applications are then considered, and places offered, for each grammar school based on the total score data of applicants.

Eligibility to take the Warwickshire 11+ test is based solely on a child's date of birth. They do not have to be living in Warwickshire. However, if your child has taken another 11+ test in a different authority other than Warwickshire or Birmingham, then the score from that 11+ test cannot be transferred and considered in relation to an application for any of Warwickshire’s grammar schools. Your child will still need to sit the Warwickshire 11+ test.

You can find a Familiarisation Guide and other reference documents relating to the Warwickshire 11+ test in our School Admissions Document Library.

Shared test with the Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation

The 11+ test is currently operated as a shared test between Warwickshire and the Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation. The same test papers are used across both authorities and candidates can opt for their results to be shared across the two authorities if they plan to apply for grammar schools in both areas.

Registration for the 11+ test depends on where you live and which school(s) you plan to apply for:

If you live... And you plan to apply for schools in... Then register for the 11+ test through...
in Warwickshire Warwickshire and/or Birmingham Warwickshire County Council
in Birmingham Warwickshire and/or Birmingham Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation
in other areas Birmingham Grammar Schools in Birmingham Foundation
in other areas Warwickshire Warwickshire County Council
in other areas Warwickshire and Birmingham Either Grammar Schools in Birmingham or Warwickshire County Council but not both

Your results can still be shared between both authorities if you tick the relevant box on the registration form.

If you did not register your child for the test by the deadline of 30 June, you will not be able to have your results shared between both authorities. Please contact each party individually to discuss a late registration.