Specialist support for expectant and new parents

Expecting and having a baby can be an exciting time, but when the reality of birth hits, especially if it is different from what was imagined, new parents can feel a range of emotions and anxieties. These difficult beginnings can impact on relationships and can sometimes make it difficult for new parents to bond with their babies. 

If you feel like you’re struggling to bond with your baby, you are not alone. It’s natural to feel a little lost at first. Talk to your partner or friends and seek early support from your midwife or health visitor, who are trained to help. 

The following videos show local mums talking openly and honestly about their feelings: 


Perinatal Mental Health Service – This specialist service works with women who are experiencing mental health difficulties whilst pregnant, or in the first year after their babies are born. Speak to your midwife, health visitor, or GP as you will need a referral to this service. 

Support following a difficult birth 

After birth listening services enable parents to talk about and reflect on their birthing experience.