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Having a baby is an amazing time but it can also be worrying, as things don’t always turn out as expected. Lack of sleep, changes to relationships, breastfeeding and other challenges can make you feel low or anxious. 

You might just want some advice and tips on looking after your baby or you may be feeling lonely, anxious or struggling to cope. Whatever your situation, never think you need to sort things out alone. It is important to share your feelings and to ask for help. This could be with family or friends, or with professional services, such as your midwife, health visitor, GP or local Children and Family Centre.

There are lots of services in Warwickshire who are there to offer help and support. They recognise the highs and lows of having a baby and want to support you to have the best possible experience as a new parent. They will work with you and your baby to have the best start together.

Your baby and child's health and development has more information on services provided by midwives, health visitors and the school nurse health and wellbeing service.

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