Changing schools

Applying directly to schools

You will need apply directly to some schools for a place. You won’t be able to apply for a place at any of these schools through the regular admissions process.

  • All Saints Bedworth C of E Primary School
  • Southam St James C of E (VA) Primary School
  • St Lawrence C of E (VA) Primary School
  • St Nicolas C of E (VA) Primary School
  • Studley St Mary’s C of E Junior School
  • Rugby Free Primary School
  • Etone College

All admission authorities must comply with the requirements of the School Admissions Code, which includes providing parent/carers with written confirmation regarding the outcome of a school application. Where an applicant is refused a place the school must provide a reason for the refusal and information on how a school appeal can be lodged. Schools are required to inform the Local Authority of an application and the outcome.

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Warwickshire residents applying for a place at other Warwickshire schools

To apply for a place at another Warwickshire school you will need to complete the change of school form and send it to You must provide proof of your child’s main address along with your application. Applications without a valid proof of address will be delayed.

You should read the change of school guidance for parents before submitting your application. It would be best to discuss the reasons for your child changing schools with their current school. Wherever possible you should try to resolve any problems at your child’s current school. Moving schools could be disruptive for your child.

Your child’s current or most recent school must complete the ‘current school details’ section of the form (Section B). Your application will be delayed if this section is not completed.

You should include a recent school report if you are unable to obtain the information to fully complete the current school details section of the form. For example, this may be appropriate if your child has been educated outside of the United Kingdom (UK).

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Non Warwickshire residents applying for a place at a Warwickshire school

Please contact your home authority (who you pay your Council Tax to) if you live outside of Warwickshire but want to apply for a Warwickshire school. You may then need to apply using the change of school form. For some schools you will need to apply directly to them.

Schools you will need to apply directly to

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Moving to a grammar school

You will need to complete a change of school application form and send it to, however you may also need to arrange testing for your child. More information on applying for a grammar school place.

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Year 11 places

You should consider transferring your child to a school that can match the majority of options chosen if they are in Key Stage 4. Your child will fall under the Fair Access Protocol (FAP) if they are transferring schools in Year 11.

Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

Your application may need to be considered under the FAP if you have been unable to secure a place through the normal in-year admissions process.

Applications that are under FAP may take longer than 10 school days to process.

Please refer to the primary and secondary schools protocols for further information.

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Post 16 education

Please contact the school or college directly to apply for post 16 education. Find out more about the admission arrangements for sixth form schools.

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