At Warwickshire County Council, we find out what is working well for people, so we can focus our support where they really need it.

Our adult social care duties and functions are delivered through our Social Care and Support (SCS) Business Unit. Our work aims to support people, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, to access throughout their lives the opportunity to enjoy, achieve and live independently. 

Our teams include Social Workers, Community Care Workers, Occupational Therapists, Administrators, Reablement and Adult Mental Health Practitioners. They cover all geographical areas across the county and some are integrated with health professionals.

We also include the Service Development and Assurance (Adults) team who provide: quality assurance; business management of the Warwickshire Safeguarding Adults Board; planning and improvement; and service developments.

There are five interweaving functions of our Adult Social Care service, they are:

  • Information, advice, signposting and access (to service and support)
  • Reablement/promoting independence
  • Assessment and support planning
  • Statutory mental health services
  • Adult safeguarding

The service we provide includes:

  • Carrying out assessments for people who could have care and support needs and for carers
  • Arranging personalised care and support for people with eligible needs and their families
  • Supporting people to feel safer and manage their own risks without feeling a loss of choice and or a loss of relationships that are important to them (for example, safeguarding and mental health related responsibilities)
  • Focusing on what people themselves want to happen (or ‘outcomes’)
  • Supporting people to maintain or regain their independence with choice and control over their care and support. This includes avoiding the need for long-term care and support wherever possible.

Our Learning and Development Service is keen to support social workers and social care staff with a career pathway, to enable skill development and progression, supported by continuous professional development. This can be achieved through a range of learning programmes, modules and qualifications.

‘This is the difference you make, working for Warwickshire.’ 

Our partners 

Warwickshire County Council doesn't work in isolation and is part of the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership, a group of local organisations working together to support our communities.

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