Warwickshire Employment Support Team (WEST)

WEST is a countywide service for people with a learning disability or who are on the autistic spectrum, who want to work. We help them to find full-time or part-time work in the public and private sector.

We help autistic people and/or those with a learning disability to access and keep up with paid work. We offer:

  • expertise on disability employment and benefit issues
  • personal profiling and job matching
  • ongoing support to employers and employees

Recruitment and support

We specialise in recruitment and offer a professional service to employers who offer employment or work experience to people with learning disabilities and who are on the autistic spectrum or Asperger’s Syndrome. Our service includes:

  • selective recruitment
  • support with application forms
  • support at a job interview
  • one-to-one job coaching
  • acting as an advocate for the customer with work-related issues
  • full review of the effects of employment on customers’ benefits
  • support permitted work through DWP

How it works

  • Initial referral to WEST
  • Assessment and vocational profiling by an employment officer
  • Agree on a working contract between our service, customer and family/carer
  • Allocation of a named key worker
  • Create opportunities for employment
  • Work in partnership with employers, customers, parents and carers

Who is eligible to use WEST?

To use WEST, customers must:

  • be aged 18 years or above
  • live in Warwickshire
  • want to enter paid employment
  • have a learning disability or autism