Chemicals can be disposed of at the following centres

  • Princes Drive between 1pm to 3pm on Thursdays (a 10-minute slot will be given to you during the booking process)
  • Lower House Farm between 2pm to 3pm on Tuesdays (a 10-minute slot will be given to you during the booking process) 

Only paint & chemical wastes can be brought to site through the Chemical Waste Disposal Form. All other wastes will be rejected if brought to site. If you have other types of waste to dispose of, please book yourself in.

 Any solid chemical wastes, that are in a container that has no hazardous symbols displayed on it, can be disposed of in the Waste to Landfill container. If you suspect that the container is not the original container, then please treat the solid chemical waste as hazardous and follow the normal procedure for disposing of hazardous waste. 

To book please read our chemical procedure (PDF, 124 KB) before completing a form: 

Apply online
Complete a paper version of the form (PDF, 110 KB) 

All visits must be pre-booked and are limited to one visit per household per month.

We only accept up to five litres per household per month from members of the public (commercial chemicals not accepted) free of charge.

Please note:

  • leave the chemical in its original container (as long as it does not leak)
  • if not in their original container, use a clearly marked suitable storage method
  • store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children
  • never pour chemicals down the drain, as it can pollute local water courses
  • never mix chemicals
  • do not put liquid chemicals into your rubbish bin
  • chemicals from businesses, charities or any National Health Service are not accepted
  • we are not able to collect your chemical waste
  • we will only accept chemical wastes in containers which do not leak.

We reserve the right to restrict, or refuse certain hazardous chemical and paint wastes on the grounds of environmental compliance, the health and safety of visitors and staff at our sites and that hazardous chemical and paint wastes may not be legally classed as household waste.