We have a duty of care to make sure that we offer a range of services and support to help you get ready for adult life. Read through the information below to find out more about our local offer for care leavers.

Questionnaire for Children and Families

This questionnaire will help us to know whether we are currently providing a good service to young people/adults. We are interested in your honest opinions, whether they are good or bad. By completing this questionnaire you will be helping us to ensure that you get the right support, at the right time in the future.

The House Project

The House Project is an innovative project set up to support young people leaving care to accommodation. They work closely with the young people to identify the learning they need to move out of care and into their new homes. These new homes will become a base for the young people to become independent and transition into adulthood. The House Project ensures that the young people maintain and sustain their tenancies by developing a community of support around them.
The House Project helps young people to:

  • Continue their education
  • Find employment and training
  • Learn to cook a variety of meals
  • Manage budgets by providing financial training and advice
  • To maintain their housing by providing a range of support and advice

For more information see The House Project online or email for more information at houseproject@warwickshire.gov.uk