School crossing patrols

Current vacancies

We are now looking to recruit Full Time and Relief School Crossing Patrols in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton, Kenilworth, Rugby and Leamington Spa.

Interested in applying?

Give us a call on 01926 412661 or email

The positions are term time only and operate during the school run. As well as competitive pay, a uniform and full training will be given. Completed Applications can be sent to Road Safety via email or post.

Please contact us for further information.

School Crossing Patrols

We provide School Crossing Patrols to assist children on their journeys to and from school.

The law authorises councils to provide School Crossing Patrols but does not require them to do so. In practice we will provide a patrol subject to the site meeting the technical criteria, the active support of the school and the availability of a suitable recruit.

Parental responsibility

Parents may regard the provision of a patrol as an indication that we are assuming
the responsibility for the safety of their children on their journey to and from school, but this is a misconception. Parents remain responsible for ensuring their children’s safety to and from school even where a patrol is provided.


How do we get a new patrol site?

Requests must come from the Headteacher and have the support of the local elected Member. The site will then be assessed using guidelines set out by Road Safety GB.

Who decides on new School Crossing Patrol sites?

The County Council provides and funds School Crossing Patrols at sites which meet the criteria in the national guidelines produced by Road Safety GB. The criteria depend on a number of factors but principally the number of primary school age children and the volume of vehicles at the site at the relevant times.

When assessing new sites when will the survey be conducted?

Surveys will only be conducted during term time and will be carried out on a suitable day identified with the relevant school.

What happens if a proposed School Crossing Patrol site does not meet the criteria?

If a proposed site does not meet the national criteria, it may be possible for a Parish/Town Council, community group or a local business to fully fund a site through a Service Level Agreement. The provision is only subject to the active support of the school and the availability of a suitable recruit. The patrol will be directly employed by the Council in accordance with its usual conditions of employment but the funding organisation is responsible for all ongoing associated costs which are in the region of £4000 a year.

How is a new School Crossing Patrol recruited, once a site is approved?

If a site is approved we will then seek to recruit locally and ask the school to support recruitment by making parents, staff and friends of the school aware, as the most suitable candidates are often those with an existing connection to the school.  Recruitment can be difficult however as the role is for limited hours but requires a committed, fit and agile person who is available at either end of the day during school term only.

What happens if our patrol is absent?

If a patrol is absent the area supervisor will try to find a relief patrol to give emergency cover. However there is a serious shortage of relief patrols and often no relief is available. In this case the school is informed and asked to tell parents.

Can patrols cross adults without children?

Patrols may help anyone, child or adult, to cross the road. It used to be just children but the law changed in 2001 so patrols can now cross all ages.