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Appeals process and help guides

Your appeal will be acknowledged by letter and email within 5 school days of receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgement letter within a week of lodging your appeal, contact us on 0845 155 1793 as a matter of urgency.

Notification of the appeal(s) date will be sent out by email at least 10 school days calendar days before the hearing.

Confirmation of the hearing details and the papers relating to your appeal will be sent out to all parties at least 7 calendar days before the appeal.

We must receive any additional supporting documents at least 7 calendar days before the first day of the hearing for the school you are appealing for irrespective of where you are listed within that hearing. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept additional information after this date.

The appeal panel will decide whether or not material submitted after this deadline will be considered, taking into account the amount and its significance and the effect of a possible need to adjourn the hearing. Therefore, we strongly advise you to comply with this deadline.

The Independent Appeals Panel's decision will be sent to you by email within 5 school days of the hearing, where possible.

Help guides 

If you have any queries about the process, please see the help guides or contact the School Appeals Service

Telephone: 0845 155 1793



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