11+ grammar school test

11+ Test for Year 7 entry to grammar schools in September 2018

If your child is due to transfer to secondary school in September 2018 and you would like them to be considered for a place at one, or more, of Warwickshire’s six grammar schools, then you will need to register your child so they can sit the Warwickshire 11+ test.


Registration for the test will open on Monday 08 May 2017 and can be completed online using this website. A link to the online registration form will be available here from 08 May.

Test date

The main test date is scheduled for Saturday 09 September 2017. There is an expectation that the majority of candidates will be tested on this day.

Deadline to register

The deadline to register your child for the 11+ test is Friday 07 July 2017. You can still register your child for the 11+ test after this date but you will not be able to do this online and any application which you make for a grammar school will be classed as late.

Special Educational Needs / Medical Issues

If your child has specific special educational needs, a statement of special needs, an Education, Health and Care Plan, or specific medical issues which could prohibit them from accessing the 11+ test in its paper form, then you must register your child for the 11+ test using a paper-based registration form, which requires supplementary information and evidence to be submitted as part of the registration process. The deadline to submit these registration forms will be Wednesday 14 June 2017. If the registration is received after this date then your child’s needs may not be assessed and any application you make for a grammar school may be classed as late.

Further information

Further details about the 2018 entry 11+ test will be available on this website from 08 May, including information about the format and style of the test paper.

If you have any queries in the meantime then please email: elevenplus@warwickshire.gov.uk

On time registration for the 11+ test 2017

Warwickshire County Council and The Grammar Schools in Birmingham will hold a common entrance test on Saturday 10th September 2016 for entry to Year 7 in September 2017.

If you are registering your child to sit the test with The Grammar Schools in Birmingham or are considering applying for a place at a Birmingham Grammar School please visit Birmingham Grammar Schools website

Parents living in Warwickshire must register for the test with Warwickshire Admissions.

Parents living in Birmingham must register for the test with The Grammar Schools in Birmingham.

The registering for the 11+ is not an application for a school place.

Parents living in other authorities should register for the test in the region in which they would most like their child to attend a grammar school.

If you are considering applying for a place in a Birmingham Grammar School and your child sits the test in Warwickshire you will need to agree for their information to be shared with The Grammar Schools in Birmingham. This can be done as part of the registration process.

Any registrations received after the deadline will be classed as late and this may affect the chance of your child being offered a place at a grammar school. All registrations will be acknowledged by post within 14 working days.

Details of test venues will be sent to parents by Warwickshire Admissions from Monday 22nd August 2016.

This will include a ‘Fit and Well’ sheet which must be brought to the test session with a photograph of the child sitting the test. This photograph must be signed and dated by the Headteacher of your child’s current school.

If you arrive at the test centre without the Fit and Well sheet or a photograph of your child they will not be able to sit the test until later in the year. This may affect the likelihood of your child being offered a grammar school place.

The 11+ test

The 11+ test is designed to reflect a child’s academic potential. The results from the test are then used to allocate places at Warwickshire grammar schools. You only need to register your child for the 11+ test if you wish to apply for a place at one or more of Warwickshire’s grammar schools. Only those children who score within a specific ability range for each grammar school will be considered for a place.

The main test date is 10th September 2016.

Letters will be sent two weeks before the test to inform you of the venue and start time.

** Please note: There is no guarantee your child will be tested on the main test date. **

The test consists of two separate booklets, each containing a mixture of Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions.

Each booklet contains approximately 50 minutes of questions and is administered over about an hour.

Although the test questions will be presented in a booklet, children will need to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet.

Familiarisation Booklet (pdf, 1,194.6 Mb) for 2017 entry.

Qualifying scores for September 2017

Secondary school offers for September 2017 were sent out second class on 27th February 2017.

2017 11+ Qualifying Scores (PDF, 264.87 KB)

Questions about the 11+ test

For queries relating to the Warwickshire 11+ test, please contact our School Admissions office at: elevenplus@warwickshire.gov.uk

11+ grammar school test was last updated on April 18, 2017.