11+ grammar school test

Results of the Warwickshire 11+ test for entry to Grammar School in September 2015 were posted first class on Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

An example of the results letter can be found here.

Registering for the 11+ Test

The 11+ registration form is available below and is also included on page 41 of the Secondary school admissions booklet for 2015 entry.

11+ Registration Form

Completed forms must be returned no later than 5pm on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

Your 11+ registration form must be accompanied by two proofs of your address. These could include a current council tax bill or housing benefits letter, relevant to the 2014/2015 year. Other acceptable forms of proof must be original utility bills which are dated from 1st April 2014 onwards, and can include gas, electricity, TV Licence, water, bank statement (with account details and financial transactions removed) or landline phone bill.

If your bills are paper-free, then downloaded electronic PDF copies attached to an email, or printed PDF versions of your bills will be accepted.

Please note that original documents will not be returned, unless a stamped-addressed envelope (SAE) is included with your registration form.

If your registration form is not accompanied by two proofs of your address, or the proof provided does not meet the requirements above, then you will be contacted further by the Admissions Service. Your registration may then be classed as late.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter within 10 working days of your registration form being received.

One passport sized photograph of your child must be attached to the registration form for identification purposes. Please ensure that the form has been signed in the appropriate place by either your child’s current Headteacher or their class teacher.

The registration form only enters your child for the 11+ test and is not your application for a school place.

Further information on Secondary school admissions can be found here and in the Secondary Admissions Booklet 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for the 11+ test for September 2016 Entry will open in May 2015.

The 11+ Test

The 11+ test is designed to reflect a child’s academic potential. The results from the test are then used to allocate places at Warwickshire grammar schools. You only need to register your child for the 11+ test if you wish to apply for a place at one or more of Warwickshire’s grammar schools. Only those children who score within a specific ability range for each grammar school will be considered for a place.

The main test date is 6th September 2014.

Supplementary test dates are 13th September 2014 and 16th September 2014.

Letters will be sent two weeks before the test to inform you of the venue and start time.

** Please note: There is no guarantee your child will be tested on the main test date. **

The test is made up of two 45 minute papers with approximately 100 – 125 questions on each paper.

We do not release past papers and there are no practice papers available. Any papers purchased from third parties are in no way affiliated to Warwickshire County Council or the University of Durham’s CEM centre which produces the test papers for Warwickshire County Council.

Two weeks before the test, applicants will receive a sample sheet containing example questions.

Sample questions from previous tests:

11+ Sample Paper 2015

11+ Sample Paper 2014

11+ Sample Paper 2013

11+ Sample Paper 2012

Questions about the 11+ Test

For queries relating to the Warwickshire 11+ test, please contact our School Admissions office at: elevenplus@warwickshire.gov.uk

11+ grammar school test was last updated on March 17, 2015.