Before you apply

You will need to attach a copy of your 2019/20 council tax bill to the ‘child details’ section of your application. If you do not pay the council tax on your home then please contact us.

Make sure you read the admission arrangements for every school that you apply for. You may need to send extra information to support your application.

This could include:

  • evidence of your child’s baptism if you’re applying for a faith school
  • any social/medical reasons for why your child needs a place at a particular school

Some schools give higher priority for places to children who have a parent working at the school which they are applying for. You will need to contact the school directly to find out.

You will need to let us know if your child is considered as ‘looked after’ or ‘previously looked after’. If you need to clarify this please contact us.

You can name up to six schools on your application. It’s better to name more than one school on your application. The order of your named schools on your application is not taken into account as part of the allocation process.

School transport

You will need to think about the transport options for each of your school preferences.