Resources Directorate

Joint Managing Director, David CarterDavid Carter

Customer Service, Finance, HR & Organisational Development, Information assets, Law & Governance, Physical assets, Performance.

All Key service areas which ensure the smooth running of the County Council, and all areas which are gathered in the Resources Directorate led by Strategic Director, David Carter.

The many and varied services within the Resources Directorate provide services internally to other areas of the council, externally to our partners and communities, and on the front line directly to our customers.

Resources staff are passionate about the services they provide, whether internally or externally, and they are united in achieving the organisation’s ambitions and outcomes.

  • Customer Service Business Unit

    We play a key role in leading the development of a customer focused organisation that recognises external and internal customers as being equally important.

  • Finance Business Unit

    Our primary aim is to provide high quality and cost effective financial support and advice to all services within the council and to the council as a whole.

  • HR & Organisation Development Business Unit

    Our purpose is to ensure that the organisation has the workforce that it needs to deliver its objectives, that it is motivated, developed, and works to ensure that delivery and that the services provided within those objectives reflect the needs of the different groups and communities who live in Warwickshire.

  • ICT Services

    We co-ordinate information management within the Authority and manage information and data security. We define our ICT strategy and manage the ICT network and infrastructure. We also provide systems development and ICT user/customer support to deliver added value ICT services.

  • Law & Governance Business Unit

    The Law and Governance Unit encompasses all those services involved in maintaining strong and robust corporate governance across the council.

  • Physical Assets Business Unit

    We are responsible for the management, investment and operation of the council’s land and property portfolio in order to ensure that the council’s land and buildings are fully supporting our service needs.

  • Performance Business Unit

    The Performance Business Unit’s overarching role is to provide effective transformational expertise, business intelligence and insight, to enable the redesign of the organisation, and give assurance that the Council’s outcomes will be delivered.