Coronavirus (Covid-19)

If you've been identified as extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 by the NHS and need to self-isolate, call 0800 408 1447 for support.

Advice for everyone on coronavirus is available on our website or on 01926 410410.

At Warwickshire County Council, we believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. We recognise that individuals and communities are different and by embracing and celebrating that diversity we’re able to reflect and serve our customers and communities better. We recognise that people have different needs and endeavour to make sure that different groups are not disadvantaged and feel valued and included when it comes to using our services.

Our Equality and Diversity Objectives

  • Objective 1: WCC provides fair and accessible services to the citizens of Warwickshire.
  • Objective 2: WCC knows and understands the profile of its staff, customers and citizens.
  • Objective 3: There is positive engagement between the council, communities, customers, groups and individuals.
  • Objective 4: There is effective partnership working between the council and its partners.
  • Objective 5: WCC workforce / potential workforce rate WCC as a good employer.

Guidance, Documents and Policies