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Governance and Policies


The effective delivery of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within Warwickshire County Council (WCC) is everybody’s business, but specific responsibility rests with elected members and our leaders.

The strategic EDI agenda is guided by Corporate Board and the Council’s EDI group will ensure this agenda is translated into practice.  

The Council EDI group is chaired by the Strategy and Commissioning Manager for Human Resources and Organisational Development (HR&OD) and is comprised of diverse employees from across the Council, advised by the EDI team.

Elected Members and Directorates will be supported by the Council’s EDI group in the discharge of their responsibilities and duties. It is expected that: 

Elected Members will:

  • Provide leadership; an effective scrutiny role and promote EDI on the corporate agenda.  
  • Ensure that adequate resources are available to discharge the Council’s legal responsibilities in terms of supporting equality of opportunity. 

Corporate Board will:

  • Model the standards of behaviour and conduct they expect from their leaders and employees.  
  • Provide direction and endorse EDI strategy, practice and policy.  
  • Encourage the integration of EDI into all aspects of Directorate practices, policies, plans and services, including equality impact assessments.  
  • Actively promote opportunities in relation to EDI.  
  • Ensure that the Council EDI group meets regularly.  

Leaders will:

  • Demonstrate commitment to EDI by promoting it within their everyday roles – for themselves and for their employees.  
  • Identify appropriate training needs and provide training opportunities.  
  • Monitor the effectiveness of services, policies, strategies, practices and plans in their areas in relation to EDI.  
  • Encourage the provision of appropriate information, instruction and supervision.  
  • Consider the inclusion of EDI targets within team and operational plans.  

Employees will:

  • Be encouraged to demonstrate commitment to EDI in the performance of their duties and in their professional relationships with customers, colleagues and partners. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Relevant Policies

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