Strategies and priorities

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  • Corporate strategies

    Corporate strategies including the business plan, equality objectives, our information strategy and how we go about delivering our priorities

  • Business and economy strategies

    Business and economy strategies and Economic Analysis and Research.

  • Crime and safety strategies

    Includes the anti-social behaviour strategy, strategy for reducing alcohol related harm and others.

  • Environmental strategies

    We have a wide range of environmental strategies including regeneration strategies, the carbon management action plan and flood risk assessments.

  • Tourism strategies

    Tourism makes a key economic contribution to the Warwickshire economy and the quality of life for the county’s resident population.

  • ICT Strategy

    Our ICT Strategy 2012 is a response to changing circumstances and sets out how ICT can respond to the challenge of ever faster change.

  • Planning and development strategies

    Minerals and Waste development frameworks and other planning strategies.

  • Libraries and leisure strategies

    View the libraries and leisure strategies which include the community engagement strategy, strategic service plan and the library and information service transformation.

  • Roads and travel strategies

    Roads and travel strategies to help with transport in Warwickshire, from community travel plans to the rights of way improvement plan.

  • School and learning strategies

    School and Learning strategies such as the anti-bullying strategy, building schools for the future and primary strategy for change.

  • Social care and health strategies

    Strategy information for health and social care, including the child poverty and the learning disability strategies.

Strategies and priorities was last updated on April 26, 2017.