Your visit

Arriving on time

Please don’t arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your slot. Try to get to the site at the start of your slot, but at least within that time bracket. If you are late, whether to let you in will be left to the discretion of the staff at the gate, based on safe working practices and the traffic conditions at the site.

We have made careful plans to try to maintain a steady flow of visitors through the site. The system will be under continual review to try to keep to the time slots and queueing to a minimum. Visitors can help by arriving on time but not too early. Please be patient, following signs and staff instructions.

Vehicle restrictions and proof of booking

We are only accepting waste delivered in cars. Vans and pick-ups are not allowed on-site without a voucher or without paying at the weighbridge at Princes Drive or Hunters Lane. Bikes, trailers and walked-in waste are restricted.

It is very important that you use the car that you registered at the time of booking. You can either print off the ticket or show the ticket on your phone when you get to the site gate. A note of your booking reference is also acceptable. By bringing proof of booking with you, your entrance into the site will go more smoothly.

Waste restrictions

All sites have returned to offering the usual materials for recycling for the site. Please refer to the site page for a list of materials accepts, restricted or not accepted.

Waste in wheelie bins cannot be accepted.

Limits on restricted materials will be enforced – three bags of rubble or soil, three sheets of plasterboard. 

Contaminated waste (such as tissues or face masks) from a household with an infection must be quarantined at home for at least 72 hours prior to visit and double bagged. 

Re-use shops

Most reuse shops are open, please refer to the Age UK website for more details.