Restricted waste – plasterboard

Please note that not all waste types are accepted at all recycling centres so please use our what you can take and where (map) to check which recycling centre you can take your items to.


Small amounts of plasterboard and gypsum based products can be deposited for free at a limited number of recycling centres by members of the public.

Quantity accepted

A maximum of three sheets (2.4m x 1.2m/ 8’ x 4’) can be accepted per month. Please note that if you break up the sheets we can accept no more than three bags of plasterboard per household per month.

This material must be kept separate from all other waste types, therefore please ask an advisor where to deposit this material.

All other material attached to the plasterboard such as insulation, tiles, bricks etc. must be removed from the plasterboard before visiting site. This is because the plasterboard recyclers will not accept any non plasterboard material and it is not permitted in landfill.

Plasterboard in excess of the limits is chargeable – visit our commercial waste page.

Restricted waste – plasterboard was last updated on March 13, 2018.