Drawbacks of proposals

What are the drawbacks of the proposals?

  • A slight worsening of air quality on certain streets due to increased traffic flows (but not above acceptable exceedance levels). However air quality across the town as a whole is improved as a result of the proposals.
  • Some motorists will experience increased journey times due to having to take longer routes. However the majority of motorists will experience improved journey times due to the removal of conflict points.

How will these drawbacks be minimised?

  • Encouraging through traffic to use alternative routes such as the M40 and A46, rather than travelling via Warwick town centre,
  • Encouraging uptake of different forms of transport, with the pedestrian and cycle infrastructure improvements helping people switch to these modes,
  • Proposals will be supported by a Smarter Choices and Travel Planning Programme – working with local businesses and schools to encourage a shift to walking, cycling and car-sharing.
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