Consultation results

The purpose of the consultation was to gauge the level of support from the public and stakeholders to the overall proposals for the town centre to help decide whether to develop them further. Additional detail was provided on the 20mph zone (including changes to Priory Road) and the area around Northgate junction as these were identified as ‘early deliverables’ which could start to be progressed.
Key findings from the consultation feedback are included in the Warwick town centre consultation report (PDF, 490 KB)
The headline findings from the consultation are generally positive, as illustrated in the table.


Question Support (%) Oppose (%) Neither support nor oppose (%)
Overall support for proposals 56 34 10
Support for individual proposals
Wider pavements and new crossing points 67 21 12
Cycle lanes and shared use cycleways 59 22 20
Cycle contraflow on one-way streets 48 32 20
One-way routing along The Butts 57 31 12
One-way routing along High Street / Jury Street 48 40 13
Priority signals for buses at bus station 55 14 31
Reducing street clutter 80 5 15
Junction alterations at key gateways 62 22 16
20mph zone for the town centre 66 16 18
Support for early deliverables
Priory Road 51 23 26
Northgate junction 55 23 22
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