Warwick is a thriving County town. However, there are a number of issues in the town centre.

  • Poor air quality – especially in streets where emissions from stationary vehicles cannot easily disperse due to the height and proximity of surrounding buildings.
  • Local pinch points for traffic – the historic nature and layout of Warwick town centre streets means queues can quickly develop at peak times.
  • Poor setting for historic buildings – – in some areas the existing road layout is not sensitive to the historic setting
  • Lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists –with junction layouts on the edge of the town centre making it difficult to access the town on foot or by bike
  • Poor connectivity across the town – due to the existing road layout. This means that footfall to parts of the town is not maximised.
  • Through traffic and high proportion of local trips – a significant proportion of town centre traffic
    is just travelling through. Some of this traffic could use alternative routes for their journeys (e.g. M40 and A46), whilst more local through trips could switch mode to public transport, cycling or walking.
warwick town centre