1. Wider pavements and new crossing points for pedestrians
    • – to improve the town centre environment and provide good connectivity into and across the town
  2. Cycle lanes and shared use cycleways
    • to improve cycle links into and across the town
  3. Cycle-contraflow on one-way streets
    • – allowing cyclists to ride safely in both directions along many one-way streets, providing short cuts and improving connectivity
  4. One-way routing along The Butts (northbound direction)
    • – to reduce stationary traffic and allow pavements to be widened
    • – to improve the setting of historic buildings by removing traffic lanes and widening pavements at Eastgate
  5. One-way routing along High Street / Jury Street (eastbound direction)
    • – to improve pedestrian connections between the Castle and the town, widen pavements and improve cycle facilities
    • – allows reduction in traffic lanes at Eastgate and Westgate, with additional space given over to wider pavements and more sensitive landscaping
    • traffic restrictions on Castle Lane to prevent through traffic using this route as an alternative to High Street / Jury Street
  6. Priority signals for buses
    • – to help buses exit from Warwick bus station onto Theatre Street/Bowling Green Street
  7. Reducing street clutter
    • – review of signage and street furniture
  8. Junction alterations at key gateways
    • – reducing the footprint of junctions to allow space to be given over to other users and provide a more sensitive setting for historic buildings
    • – some are linked to the proposed one-way routing (e.g. Eastgate and Westgate) whilst others (e.g. Northgate) have been brought forward independently
  9. 20mph zone
    • – to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. The zone includes some physical features to help to slow traffic in-line with the lower speed limit.
    • – more extensive changes to the road layout have been delivered along Priory Road as this area experienced higher traffic speeds.



How the proposals will achieve the objectives

Improve air quality

Reducing the amount of stationary traffic by removing key conflict points for traffic in the town.

Support and Enhance the Local Economy

  • More pleasant streets with wider pavements, better facilities for cyclists, lower traffic speeds and less street clutter.
  • Maximise footfall by improving pedestrian links across the town.
  • Access will be maintained for car users and the amount of on-street parking will remain unchanged.
  • Majority of road users will experience improved journey times due to the removal of conflict points.

Promote a healthier and active community

  • Encouraging active lifestyles with improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, ensuring that routes are improved both into and across the town.
  • Health benefits associated with improved air quality.

Protect the historic built environment

Improving the setting of historic buildings by making changes to the road layout.

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