Details of the updated scheme

The revised Scheme consists of the following components:-

A - Capacity improvements to the Heath End Road / Tenlons Road Junction including enhancements to signalised pedestrian crossings

B - Double yellow line parking restrictions on Tenlons Road, Bermuda Road and The Bridleway

C - Refuge island (traffic calming) at the southern end of Bermuda Road acting as a road safety measure aimed at controlling vehicle speed

D-  Uncontrolled shared pedestrian and cycle crossing on Bermuda Road to complement links to the Bermuda Village residential area

E - Improvement to the bus stop area on The Bridleway

F - Refuge island (traffic calming) on The Bridleway acting as a road safety measure aimed at controlling vehicle speed

G - Improved pedestrian footway on The Bridleway

H - Improvements to Bermuda Bridge and connecting it to the adjoining highway on either side

I - Refuge islands (traffic calming) on the northern end of St Georges Way acting as a road safety measure aimed at controlling vehicle speed

J - Shared pedestrian/cycle path running between St Georges Way – Bermuda Bridge – The Bridleway

Bermuda Connection map

Opening the gated roads in Bermuda

The proposed route Bermuda Road – Harefield Lane – Mimosa Close – Walsingham Drive enabled through opening the gated roads would involve sections of new highway running through a wider mass of residential properties. This incurs a risk of introducing a higher level of noise and disturbance to local residents.

Notwithstanding, opening the Gated Roads has not been considered as the existing gates off Hazell Way and Harefield Lane are on private land, and the link would be entirely situated on private land and would not involve the use of public highway maintained by the council. Therefore, further consideration and delivery would need to be led by a third party, such as a Developer.

However, Getting West Nuneaton Moving: Bermuda Connection involves an:

  • existing highway owned by the council, such as Bermuda Bridge
  • existing highway already in the process of being transferred to the County Council, such as The Bridleway
  • existing private highway transferable to the council, for example, the embankments and approaches either side of the bridge.