Preliminary design

The county council approved a consultation on preliminary design proposals for the scheme in October 2014, with the public consultation being held in 2015. The county council subsequently approved the progression of the scheme to detailed design. The approval was subject to the design and costing of measures aimed at reducing the impact of the scheme on affected local residents whose properties or businesses are adjacent to the roads included on the new highway link route. Cabinet was informed that the scheme was estimated to cost £5.939m at that time.

Initial detailed design

The initial detailed design process identified that the scheme conflicted with existing infrastructure and hazardous contaminated land, which were unknown during the preliminary design stage.

Detailed design was carried out in accordance to Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) highway standards, which is deemed more applicable to higher speed roads than the 30mph intended along the Bermuda Connection highway link route. Adherence to DMRB design standards yielded additional pressure on the budget by further increasing land uptake and construction costs.

The cost estimate after the initial completion of detailed design of the scheme increased to £14.6m which far exceeded budget tolerance.

Therefore, a Value Engineering Assessment was carried out in order to ensure Best Value in regards to the use of public funds.

The Value Engineering Assessment identified that if revisions were made to the scheme, the cost estimate would reduce by approximately 40%.

The primary change to the scheme relates to a revision of the highway design standard applied for the scheme from DMRB to Manual for Streets II, which is the standard deemed more appropriate for 30mph urban roads, like those on the Bermuda link route. The revised highway design standard application has resulted in the following changes:

  • a substantial reduction in the extent of earthworks and pavement improvements required as part of the scheme
  • the treatment and removal of hazardous contaminated land is no longer necessary as part of the scheme, such as the large earth bund situated on the extended Holland and Barrett land off the bridleway will now remain unaffected
  • the attenuation pond off Bermuda Road will remain in situ and unaffected by the scheme
  • the total area of land required to implement the scheme has substantially reduced

Original components included in consultation now removed from the scheme

Original component Note
Provision of an off-street car park for Bermuda Park Rail Station This proposal will be progressed separately from the Bermuda Connection Scheme
Heath End Road/Bermuda Road/Hare and Hounds Lane Junction Improvements (signalisation)
Heath End Road/The Raywoods Junction Improvements (signalisation)
The scheme will integrate effectively with the local highway network, without requiring these interventions – according to testing the traffic impacts in the 2017 Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Wide Area traffic model.
Provision of a mini-roundabout at the Bermuda Road/Tenlons Road junction Traffic on Tenlons Road to give way to traffic on Bermuda Road
Provision of lay-bys for parking on Bermuda Road
Provision of a lay-by for parking on Tenlons Road
Will result in the displacement of some on-street car parking
Provision of signal-controlled crossing on St Georges Way This will be progressed separately as part of the off-street car park for Bermuda Park Rail Station proposals
On-street parking on St Georges Way for the rail station This will remain in place
On-street parking on St Georges Way for the rail station This will remain in place