Improving journey times

The assessment showed that the following local areas will benefit from reduced journey times:

  • Stockingford
  • Whittleford
  • Galley Common
  • Bermuda
  • Heath End
  • Chapel End
  • Hartshill
  • Camp Hill
  • Ansley Common

Forecasted journey time savings

The journey time savings represent the benefit received by every single journey travelling that particular route on the local highway network, every single working day during the peak hour period.

When considered in this correct context, the analysed benefits and values of time are considered when arriving at a Benefit Cost Ratio. This is the standard methodology applied when calculating the economic benefits of a transport scheme.

The journey times savings are an average over all peak hour journeys, and therefore, some may be higher, some lower. In addition, as a proportion of overall journey time in some instances these values will be substantial savings. These are qualified by the table below displaying current actual journey times:

Representative Journey Times
Route Actual current journey time (MM:SS)
Stockingford to Griff Roundabout via Heath End Road in AM Peak 09:57
Galley Common to Griff Roundabout via Heath End Road in AM Peak 14:00
Heath End to Nuneaton Town Centre via Croft Road in AM Peak 10:43
Griff Roundabout to Stockingford via Heath End Road in PM Peak 10:37
Griff Roundabout to Galley Common via Heath End Road in PM Peak 14:51