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Warwickshire County Council are delighted to announce the awarding of the Bermuda Connectivity Scheme Construction Contract.

It is great news for the residents of Nuneaton and Bedworth as Warwickshire County Council announce the awarding of the construction contract for the Bermuda Connectivity works to Highways specialists C.R. Reynolds Ltd at a tender price of £4.833million.

The proposed scheme focuses on tackling congestion in and around West Nuneaton by creating a direct 1.3 mile highway link between West Nuneaton and Griff Roundabout.

This will require improvements being made to the existing bridge over the A444, currently only used by pedestrians and cyclists, and connections from it to the adjoining highway at St George’s Way and The Bridleway.

The improvements will open up the bridge to two-way traffic, delivering additional highway capacity and improved connectivity between West Nuneaton and Griff Roundabout.

The expected benefits of the scheme are:

  • Reduced journey times for residents on several routes in the West Nuneaton area;
  • Reduced congestion in parts of the town centre, thus improving links onto the A444 in Nuneaton in other parts of the town;
  • Enhanced accessibility to local businesses, amenities and residential areas;
  • Improved highway connectivity to Bermuda Park rail station;
  • Provide improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians; and
  • Support further economic growth in Nuneaton by enhancing access to employment sites.

The awarding of this vital construction contract should ensure that works can begin later in the month, with work to establish the construction compound near the site.

In recent days, WCC Forestry Services Team has carried out vegetation clearance works on the site which will enable a separate specialist contractor to carry out supporting survey work.

The Bermuda Connectivity construction works are expected to be completed in approximately 12 months, with the new highway link route over Bermuda Bridge scheduled to open around Spring 2022.

Cllr Jeff Clarke, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning at Warwickshire County Council welcomed the latest developments with the scheme: “It is fantastic news that we have now awarded the construction contract for the Bermuda Connectivity Scheme and that works can begin soon.

“These works are a shining testament to our commitment towards ensuring our residents are supported by excellent transport infrastructure. The opening up of the Bermuda Bridge to traffic, as was always intended, will deliver a range of benefits to the people of Nuneaton and visitors to town when works are completed in Spring 2022.

More information about the Bermuda Connectivity Scheme can be found here:     

Published: 4th March 2021