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Section 3 - B4115 Ashow Road to Kenilworth

Two design options are being explored for the section north of the B4115. The original option (option 3a) provides an off-carriageway shared footway/cycleway on the northern side of the B4115 Ashow Road as far as Rocky Lane, and then follows Rocky Lane and the existing bridleway over the A46 to Glasshouse Lane.

An alternative and more direct route towards Kenilworth is now being considered (option 3b) which would follow the A452 to Birches Lane. This alternative route alignment has become possible because a highway scheme to improve Thickthorn roundabout is expected to be constructed earlier than previously expected. The roundabout scheme is expected to include traffic signals which will help cyclists safely cross the A46 slip roads. Both options connect with new cycling infrastructure being provided as part of the east of Kenilworth development.

Next steps

  • Complete concept feasibility design for option 3b
  • Confirm preferred route alignment. It is not currently proposed to provide both route alignments due to funding constraints.


To be confirmed once preferred route alignment has been selected. Expected to be 2024/25 at the earliest.

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