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We are developing a new five kilometre cycle track between Kenilworth and Leamington Spa. The route is known as K2L and once complete will help people to make a range of journeys by bicycle on the Leamington – Kenilworth – Coventry corridor.

K2L is part of a wider programme of cycle network improvements being delivered to make it easier for people to cycle short local journeys, tackle congestion, improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and support an increase in physical activity.

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Scheme description

The A452 is the only direct route between the towns but the lack of dedicated cycling facilities, high volume of traffic, narrow carriageways and large roundabouts combine to discourage all but the most experienced of cyclists from using this route. There are no suitable alternative routes for people to use.

The K2L cycle route will extend from the northern side of Leamington Spa town centre to south Kenilworth. It will provide a high quality, safe, direct and continuous dedicated cycle track which will connect the expanding cycle networks of Leamington Spa/Warwick and Kenilworth. The route will enable people to reach a wide range of destinations by cycle and encourage more people to choose to cycle for everyday journeys and leisure.

In November 2019 Warwickshire County Council allocated £4.75m towards the scheme. Since then work has focused on developing the scheme design. The initial funding allocation was based on high level concept designs. Detailed work is now being carried out to develop a deliverable design. Due to the scale and complexity of the cycle route the scheme has been split into sections. Work on the design of all sections is progressing, but at differing speeds. We will share the plans for each section when the council is satisfied that it has a deliverable design proposal. You will find a description, overview of progress and estimated timescale for delivery in the subsequent pages.

K2L cycle route sections

Kenilworth to Leamington Spa cycle route



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