WEPS Protocol for face-to-face direct working September 2021 (PDF, 156 KB)

All children develop and learn in their own way. Some children experience difficulties and need more help. Your child may show:

  • problems with overall development
  • problems with specific areas of learning, such as learning to read
  • medical problems that impact on their learning
  • tantrums or angry outbursts
  • anxiety or becoming withdrawn
  • communication difficulties
  • behaviour difficulties
  • a lack of motivation

If your child is showing any difficulties, you may need extra support. Support may be offered for a short space of time or over a number of years.

What can parents do?

There are many organisations that can help.

You should first talk to the staff at your child’s nursery or school, the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO), the inclusion manager or the head of year. Staff will follow the SEN code of practice to help your child progress.

If your child does not go to school, you should talk to your health visitor, GP, social worker, family support worker or children’s centre staff.

What is the Educational Psychology Service (EPS)?

Even when your child receives extra support, they will sometimes still experience difficulties. Nursery or school staff may then ask for your permission to refer your child to a support service such as the Educational Psychology Service (EPS).

Warwickshire EPS are a group of educational psychologists (EPs) who have in-depth knowledge of development, learning, human behaviour and relationships.

EPs work with children, young people and families to help make things better.

What will happen when an EP is involved?

You will need to agree that it’s necessary for an EP to be involved with your child’s progress and you would be included in any discussion about your child’s difficulties and development.

An EP might:

  • work individually with your child
  • talk to you and your child
  • talk to nursery or school staff and other professionals
  • plan and review agreed actions
  • provide training activities for you and staff
  • provide you with a written report.

How do I get in touch with an EP?

You can get in touch with an EP by talking to nursery or preschool staff, your health visitor, social worker, family support worker, GP or children’s centre staff.

Alternatively, please contact our team for more information.