Apply for or renew a blue badge


You automatically qualify if you:

  • are registered as blind
  • get the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and scored 8 points or more in the ‘moving around’ area of your assessment – check your decision letter if you’re not sure
  • get War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement
  • received a lump sum payment as part of the Armed Forces Compensation scheme (tariffs 1 to 8), and have been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability

If you’re not automatically eligible it’s worth applying as you might still be able to get a badge. You’ll have to fill in an extra part of the application to show why you need one.

You should do this if:

  • you have problems walking that are permanent, or that your doctor says are likely to last at least a year
  • you can’t use your arms
  • you’re applying on behalf of a child aged over 2 who has problems walking, or a child under 3 who needs to be close to a vehicle because of a health condition

Apply or renew online

Please read the guidance notes before applying for a blue badge.

We’re working to make it easier for you to apply for a blue badge. During this time, we may not be able to let you know straight away if you are eligible.

We will contact you if we need more information so please make sure your telephone and email details are correct.


Applying by post

You can apply by post using the following forms and guidance.


Organisations that care for and transport people who are eligible for a blue badge can apply for an organisational blue badge.

This badge can only be used by the organisation when transporting people who are eligible for a blue badge in their own right.

Parking concessions for organisational blue badge users are the same as those for individual blue badges holders.

Taxis, private hire and community transport operations can use the individual’s blue badge when carrying that person. It is unlikely that they would be eligible for an organisational blue badge.


If we feel a face-to-face assessment is needed, we will contact you within 28 days of you being referred to the service.

A face-to-face assessment usually takes 45 minutes, but may take longer if it is complex. You will need to bring proof of prescriptions, photographic proof of identification and your usual walking aids.

The assessments will take place at:

Millbrook Healthcare
Site B
Leofric Business Park
Progress Close


The guidelines and regulations we use for this service are set by the Department for Transport.

Department for Transport – rights and responsibilities of badge holders

If you aren’t satisfied with the decision, you should write to the team manager at the address on the letter informing you of the decision, clearly stating why you think the decision was wrong.

Guidance, rights and responsibilities

The blue badge is issued to a person, not a vehicle. The badge holder must be in the vehicle when it is being used.

The only time that someone else may use the badge, without the holder being in the vehicle, is if they are dropping off or picking up the badge holder.

GOV.UK blue badge scheme – rights and responsibilities in England.

Lost or stolen badges

You should report stolen badges to the police; blue badges are valuable in the wrong hands.

If the badge was issued by Warwickshire County Council, call 01926 410410 as soon as possible.

You may request a replacement badge under these circumstances. You will be asked to fill in a replacement form. If you do not have a crime reference number, you will need to pay a £10 administrative fee.

Blue Badge replacement form (PDF, 163.42 KB)

If you have been given a replacement badge and then find the lost or stolen badge, do not use it. Return it to:
Warwickshire County Council
Customer Service Centre
Shire Hall
CV34 4RL