A429 Coventry Road cycling scheme, Warwick


The Coventry Road active travel route was identified as a high priority by the 2018 member led Task and Finish Group on cycling infrastructure. During 2018/19 the Traffic and Road Safety Group allocated Casualty Reduction funding to the Coventry Road cycle scheme and commissioned feasibility and outline design work in response to the number of collisions involving cyclists. At this time there was insufficient funding to progress the scheme to delivery and consequently work was paused.

In August 2020 the County Council was awarded £1.9 million from the government’s Getting Building Fund through Coventry and Warwickshire LEP to deliver a package of priority cycling schemes including the Coventry Road route. The funding bid was supported by Warwick Town Council and Warwick District Council. In January 2021 the Leader of the Council approved acceptance of the Getting Building Fund grant and the addition of the funding to the capital programme.

Design work recommenced in late 2020 and stakeholder and public engagement on the initial design took place in autumn 2021. The engagement was publicised by writing to 182 properties in the vicinity of the route, displaying notices along the route, issuing a press release, informing stakeholders and providing information on the County Council’s website.

This scheme is part of a package of new cycling schemes being developed with funding from the County Council and the Getting Building Fund through the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Scheme description

A 1.15km cycle route is proposed on the A429 Coventry Road, Warwick where there is currently no infrastructure for cyclists. The route has been designed to provide a safe and direct cycling route between the Spinney Hill roundabout on the outskirts of Warwick, Warwick station and the St Johns area on the edge of Warwick town centre. The route will provide a key missing link in the local cycling network enabling more people to make journeys by sustainable forms of transport

The proposed scheme will construct a new footway / cycleway adjacent to A429 Coventry Road, from the Spinney Hill roundabout and extending the existing infrastructure that will provide onward cycling connection opportunities to Warwick town centre, Myton School, Warwick Technology Park, and destinations to the south of Warwick via St Nicholas’s park and towards Leamington Spa via the proposed Emscote Road Sustainable Travel Corridor. This scheme will also have links into future Warwick town centre improvements.

The proposed cycle route is located on the western side of Coventry Road and involves:

  • A cycleway link across open space between Primrose Hill and Huddison Close.
  • A 100 metre on-road section on the quiet road of Huddison Close and Hayle Avenue.
  • A 200 metre section of shared use cycleway / footway between the eastern end of Hayle Avenue and the Grand Union Canal on the alignment of an informal path on highway land set back from Coventry Road.
  • Conversion of a 250 metre length of footway between the Grand Union Canal and 50 metres south of Guys Cross Park Road to a shared use footway/cycleway, widened where needed to achieve a minimum width of 3 metres.
  • Installation of a cycle / pedestrian priority crossing on a road hump and the junction kerb radii reduced at Rowan Drive.
  • Installation of parallel crossings on each arm of the Guys Cross Park Road junction with Coventry Road, with both arms reduced to single lane width. To prevent additional congestion, right turns from Guys Cross Park Road onto Coventry Road would be prohibited.
  • A 240 metre length of segregated cycleway and footway between a point 50 metres south of Guys Cross Park Road and just north of Lakin Road, with the road carriageway narrowed to create space for cycling and walking.
  • A further 300 metre section of footway between just north of Lakin Road and The Paddocks converted to shared use footway/cycleway. A wider pedestrian refuge will be provided at Lakin Road with the junction modified to reduce the speed of vehicles turning left from Coventry Road onto Lakin Road. The bus stop and litter bin south of Station Road would be repositioned to the front of the footway.
  • To discourage HGV’s from accessing The Paddocks a road hump and narrowing would be provided set back 15 metres from the junction with Coventry Road.
  • To support movements between the Coventry Road cycle route and the route through St Nicholas’ Park the existing uncontrolled crossing and pedestrian refuge just north of Lakin Road would be converted to a toucan crossing and the existing puffin crossing outside The Railway Inn would be upgraded to a toucan crossing. In addition, the 110 metres of footway on the eastern side of Coventry Road between the two crossings would be converted to a shared use footway / cycleway with the cycle lane access from Coventry Road onto Guy Street being removed. A priority cycle / pedestrian crossing would be provided on a road hump on Station Avenue.


Public engagement on this scheme took place in autumn 2021. Engagement activity was publicised by writing to 182 properties in the vicinity of the route as well as local stakeholders, supported by a dedicated web page with scheme drawings and links to send comments and queries to the Transport Planning Unit email inbox or via telephone.

View details of the engagement:

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Have your say

The scheme is now open for public consultation

If you would like to comment on the proposed scheme or have any questions, please email tpu@warwickshire.gov.uk . Should you wish to speak to us about the scheme, please phone (01926) 412529 number to leave your contact details and we will arrange for someone to call you back.