Buying your own items

you can buy your own assistive technology items without having a social care assessment.

There are also assistive technology suppliers that offer a rental, or a try before you buy scheme. You may wish to consider this before you buy your own equipment.

Some equipment needs regular maintenance and battery checks, make sure to ask if the supplier provides equipment maintenance and how much this costs.

Support through health and social care

If you are eligible for social care support we may offer you assistive technology to meet your needs. We may ask you to contribute to the cost of monitoring the equipment, how much you pay will depend on your financial assessment.

This equipment will be on loan. When you no longer need the equipment Millbrook Healthcare will come and collect the equipment.

If you’re eligible you could also use your direct payment to buy your own assistive technology, as long as the equipment contributes to meeting your health and social care needs.

Find out what equipment could help you

If you’re not sure what equipment could help, you can assess yourself for equipment online at the following link:


Where to buy

Millbrook Healthcare provides assistive technology and telecare for us. To buy this, please contact them directly via their website.

You can find other providers on our Warwickshire directory.

You can also access a telecare, or community alarm service through your local district and borough council. Please choose the relevant link below for your area: