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Warwickshire County Council held a public consultation to ask Stratford-upon-Avon residents their opinions on how the A3400 Birmingham Road corridor could be improved. The county council has identified a number of transport proposals that could help reduce congestion on the corridor and improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

The road is a main arterial route linking the A46 to Stratford town centre and retail destinations including Tesco and the Maybird Shopping Park. It’s also a local access route to a growing number of residential areas. The A3400 Stratford Road experiences congestion on a frequent basis with the travelling public having extended journey times along this corridor.  

The need to tackle congestion on the corridor was identified as one of two key priorities from the Stratford Traffic Summits.

Proposals include improving pedestrian and cycle linkages, localised road widening and reallocation of road, and consideration of a secondary access into Tesco’s.

The work will be undertaken in 3 discreet phases which will be as follows:

  • Phase 1 –  Concerned the section between the junctions of Windsor Street and Arden Street. This has now been completed.
  • Phase 2 – Concerns the section from the A46 to St Peter's Way and will entail improving pedestrian and cycling provision coupled with improving driver convenience.
  • Phase 3 – Concerns the section from St Peter's Way to Arden Street and will provide for enhanced pedestrian and cycling provision coupled with enhancing the road capacity through the reallocation of road space.
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