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  • Abandoned vehicles

    An abandoned vehicle is one that has been discarded by its owner. In the first instance you should contact your district or borough council to report an abandoned vehicle.

  • Adult abuse and safeguarding adults

    Abuse can take many different forms and it is often the most vulnerable in the community who suffer. Find out how to recognise abuse and report it, so together we can stop it.

  • Complaints

    Submit a complaint. Information on our complaints procedure and the standards we aim to uphold is also available.

  • Dangerous substances notification

    The Health and Safety Executive is the enforcing authority for notification of the storage of dangerous substances and once notified, the Fire Authority is the enforcing authority for the marking of sites with warning signs.

  • Drains, ditches, hedges and trees

    For information about the services we provide concerning drains, ditches, hedges and trees. You can report any faults online in regards to the above.

  • Grass verge cutting

    Grass verge cutting is carried out to ensure that vegetation does not restrict visibility for the highway user and to provide a refuge for pedestrians.

  • Faults on a right of way

    Please use this form to report problems you have encountered on rights of way (footpaths, bridleways, byways) in Warwickshire. If there is immediate or unavoidable danger to the public you should also report the matter directly to the local police.

  • Fire hydrant faults

    We are committed under the terms of the current Model Agreement between Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Water Companies to make an annual inspection of all fire hydrants.

  • Flytipping and litter

    Fly-tipping and Litter are both forms of “Environmental Crime”, which covers activities which are against the law and are detrimental to the environment and quality of life.

  • Fraud and corruption

    The council has a responsibility to have anti fraud and corruption arrangements in place and it is essential that the management of risk of fraud be placed at the very top of the corporate governance arrangements.

  • Highway insurance claim

    We are responsible for managing a highway network of 2,368 miles of road and 1,650 miles of footway. Our resources are limited but we try to keep defects to a minimum. We accept that we may not always meet everyone’s expectations.

  • Highway problems

    When contacting us please describe the nature and location of the highway fault in as much detail as possible. It is useful to leave your contact details should one of our inspectors need to clarify the exact location of a fault.

  • Potential breach of planning control

    If you think that a breach of planning control may be occurring or has occurred, please let us know.

  • Potholes

    Details on the types of potholes and how to report them. You can report them online.

  • Ragwort

    Ragwort is an injurious weed with toxins that can be dangerous to livestock and humans. Find out how to identify and report Ragwort.

  • Register a birth

    Your baby’s birth must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth. Find information on how to register your baby’s birth in Warwickshire.

  • Register a civil partnership

    A civil partnership allows same sex couples to have their relationships legally recognised. It can be registered at any of our registration offices or at an approved venue.

  • Register a death

    Information to help you register a death in Warwickshire, including an outline of the process, who can register the death, and how to book an appointment.

  • Excellent customer service

    Received great customer service, please tell us about it?

  • Register a marriage

    Information to help you register a marriage in Warwickshire, including an outline of the process, and how to book an appointment.

  • Register a still-birth

    Registering a still-birth can be a distressing time. This information will talk you through the steps required to register the still-birth in Warwickshire.

  • Road markings

    The Highway Code contains up to date information on all road markings. There are two main types of road markings – advisory and mandatory. You can report faulty or worn road markings online.

  • School complaints

    From time to time, disagreements can arise between parents and schools. Find out about how to voice concerns and complaints against schools.

  • Street lighting faults

    When contacting us please describe the nature, column number and location of the fault in as much detail as possible. For location please include town, road name and the house or property nearest to the light.

  • Unauthorised gypsy & traveller encampments

    There is a consistent, county wide approach to managing Unauthorised Encampments within Warwickshire. This approach aims to ensure that the local communities and the travelling communities are treated fairly.

  • Consumer and business problems (Trading Standards)

    Consumers can report rogue traders, scams, problems with buying and using goods or services (including safety issues) and make a consumer complaint. Businesses can obtain Trading Standards related advice and information.