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Unauthorised encampment in my area?

  • If the encampment is already listed below, your report will be deleted automatically
  • We do not take reports over the phone
  • We cannot discuss any details regarding any specific encampment
  • We cannot return calls relating to an encampment
  • The Gypsy and Traveller Team does not deal in any way with reports of homelessness, rough sleepers, individuals sleepers, individuals sleeping, tents, temporary structures or any similar issue. For guidance and help, please visit

Existing unauthorised encampments

Latest reports

The Gypsy and Traveller team manages three large permanent sites in Warwickshire. The management and stability of the permanent sites is the absolute priority and focus for the team.

Existing unauthorised developments

Latest reports

Landowner and Environmental Health contact details

  • North Warwickshire Borough Council - 01827 715341
  • Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council - 024 7637 6376
  • Rugby Borough Council - 01788 533533
  • Warwick District Council - 01926 450000
  • Stratford District Council - 01789 267575

Warwickshire Police:

  • Emergency - 999
  • Non-emergency - 101

Next stages

  • Stage 1 - Land owner established: If an unauthorised encampment is on Warwickshire County Council (WCC) or Highway Land. WCC Officers aim to visit the encampment within 5 working days, but only after Warwickshire Police has completed its full site assessment.
  • Stage 2 - Management decision: After consultation with other agencies, a decision is made as to whether the encampment should be allowed to remain for an agreed period, or whether to commence enforcement action. We use S.77 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, or, Part 55 Civil Possession Rules.
  • Stage 3 - Enforcement action: Our officers will serve a legal notice directing the group to depart within 24hrs.
  • Stage 4 - Proceed to court: Should the group fail to depart within the 24hr time period, we will proceed to court to apply for a court order directing the group to move. Typically, due to very busy court schedules, it can take up to 2 weeks to be allocated a court date.
  • Stage 5 - Court order granted: The group has a minimum of 24 hours to depart. If it fails to move, the police and bailiffs will be called in to facilitate removal and the police have the option to take action in respect of 'breach of court order' element of S.77 CJPO.

Clear up and cleansing responsibilities

The duty falls on the district or borough, or private landowner and is usually started immediately on the departure of any group.

The Warwickshire Protocol 2017 – Managing unauthorised encampments

There is a consistent, countywide approach to managing unauthorised encampments within Warwickshire. This approach aims to ensure that the local communities and the travelling communities are treated fairly.

An unauthorised encampment is a site where Gypsy and Traveller, camp on land they do not own and do not have permission to use.

Unauthorised encampments will not be tolerated where:

  • any occupant is known to have previously disregarded the site rules within the county
  • the encampment is creating a genuine and immediate hazard to road safety
  • there is a genuine and immediate danger to public or personal safety or the environment
  • the encampment is creating an intolerable impact on the employment, use or habitation of adjoining or nearby property
  • the encampment is too large for its location
  • the land is needed for use by the Lead Authority or the general public
  • there has been advice from the Police which confirms that alleged criminal activity is taking place.

Report unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller encampments


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