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Used engine oil

Engine oil is classed as hazardous waste and must be disposed of correctly in order to prevent harm to the environment.

Pouring engine oil down the drain can harm wildlife by removing vital oxygen from watercourses and clogging feathers and gills.

You can recycle engine oil at some of the household waste recycling centres in Warwickshire, please ask an advisor on site where to place your oil.

Householders may deposit a maximum of 10 litres per month of engine oil. Oil should be brought onto site in a sealed container and poured into the engine oil collection tank.

You can also contact your district or borough council to find out if they collect engine oil at the kerbside.

Please note that not all waste types are accepted at all recycling centres so please use our what you can take and where (map) to check which recycling centre you can take your items to.

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