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We use a range of social media platforms to reach, engage with and listen to our communities.

On the following pages, we’ve listed our official social media accounts across a range of platforms. If you have any queries or comments about these, or if you find any other accounts and would like to clarify their authenticity, please contact

Social Media Policy

It is important that the council’s social media activity is safe, appropriate, purposeful and legal. The following policies set out the responsibilities and expected behaviours of our employees and elected members when using social media:

Social Media Community Guidelines

Our social media channels share news, photos and resources about WCC services and how you can get involved. To ensure our social media community is a safe and enjoyable environment for people to comment, question and engage in debate, we ask everyone to follow these community guidelines:

  • We’d like you to be polite and treat everybody with dignity, courtesy and respect.  We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan and you’ll want to flag things up to us. But do remember, we’re human and the person monitoring the social media account is only trying to help. So are other people who are using social media.
  • We’d like you not to be anti-social. We won’t tolerate swearing, threats or abuse online, just as we don’t offline.
  • We won’t tolerate any sort of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexuality, sex, gender, age or disability.
  • We won’t deal with your query on social media, but we’ll direct you to other channels instead.
  • We’d like you not to be personal. If you’ve a complaint to make against an individual, we’ll investigate it. We’ll point you towards our complaints page at
  • We’d like you not to spam or advertise. Our social media channels aren’t the place for followers to advertise. Making the same points over and over – otherwise known as spamming – isn’t for our social media either. You’ll be better off making a complaint or contacting us another way so we can investigate the issue for you.
  • We’d like you not to over-share. If you’ve got an issue, we’ll happily look into it. But be careful not to post private information about yourself or others.
  • We’d like you not to spread disinformation or misinformation. That includes anti-vax; QAnon and other tropes. We are committed to ensuring clear public health messaging.

Our account moderators will decide if any comments break these guidelines and will hide and delete any comments that do. We reserve the right to block any users who do not follow our guidelines and to alert the social media platform and/or the police. Where relevant, we will limit the public reply and comment functions on some posts.

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