Services for deaf people

We offer a range of services from our Countywide Physical and Sensory Disability Services to help meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing adults, who have additional needs as well as their families and carers. These include:

  • Social workers being available to help and advice on a wide range of personal and practical problems
  • Registering people as deaf and hard of hearing
  • Monitoring care of deaf adults in residential care
  • Participating in specialist assessments for a wide range of settings such as residential care, P.A.C.E. interviews, and transitional reviews
  • Providing information about deafness, sign-language, deaf clubs
  • Providing information about local regional and national resources for deaf people
  • Service development consultation – we ask deaf people their views and what they want to improve and develop services
  • Liaison with other agencies
  • Assessment, provision, installation and advice on equipment deaf people might need in their daily life for example, flashing doorbells, text phones.

Where individuals are not eligible for a service funded by us, they will be offered advice and information about possible alternative sources of assistance.

From 1st October 2017, we can commission BID Services to support British Sign Language (BSL) users accessing our services.

This includes using:

  • BSL interpreters;
  • deafblind interpreters;
  • lipspeakers;
  • manual note takers;
  • electronic notetakers;
  • a speech to text reporter;
  • and Deaf translators.

For interpretation support to access a service, please let us know so we can make arrangements for this to be provided where appropriate.

Services for deaf people was last updated on September 29, 2017.