Services for Deaf people

There are a range of services to help you if you are a Deaf or hard of hearing adult. This extends to those who have additional needs as well as families and carers. The services include:

  • social workers being available to help and advice on a wide range of personal and practical problems
  • accessing, providing and installing equipment to support you
  • monitoring services we provid to deaf and hard of hearing adults and carers
  • providing information about local, regional and national resources
  • liaison with other agencies

You will be offered advice and information about possible alternative sources of assistance if you are are not eligible for a service that we fund.

From 1 October 2017, we can commission BID Services to support British Sign Language (BSL) users accessing our services.

This includes using:

  • BSL interpreters
  • deafblind interpreters
  • lipspeakers
  • manual note takers
  • electronic note takers
  • a speech to text reporter
  • Deaf translators

For interpretation support to access a service, please let us know so we can make arrangements for this to be provided where appropriate.