What is a Direct Travel Payment (DTP)?

A direct travel payment is an amount paid to you to transport your child to and from school yourself, or to make appropriate alternative arrangements (e.g. bus or train tickets)

What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility for you to choose the most appropriate arrangements for your child to get to and from school to fit in with your own personal circumstances
  • More freedom to look at other ways of transporting your child
  • An alternative to the traditional services that the council can provide
  • The opportunity to explore options to share with other parents
  • Flexibility on where your child is picked up from and variation with times i.e. if you want them to attend an after school club or if they are to go to a grandparents/carers after school
  • Enables a child to attend the dentist/doctors and still get their transport afterwards to get into school, or to leave school in order to attend an appointment.

How much will I get?

The basic rate is 45p per mile for 2 return journeys per day when using a personal vehicle.


If you live 15 miles from school the termly DTP would be;

15 miles x 4 journeys x 5 days x 14 weeks (based Autumn Term 2022) = £1,890

Exceptions to this rate may be made when suitable alternatives are used, for example when purchasing bus tickets or train passes. In these cases an allowance may be given to cover the cost of travel expenses (please note that only the student’s travel expenses will be covered and not the tickets of any accompanying adult). Proof of purchase will be required when claiming costs for travel passes.

What can I use it for?

You can use the direct payment to cover your own fuel costs or to purchase a suitable travel pass on a bus or train. You may wish to travel with your child, but please be aware that the cost of your ticket is not covered under the DTP. Please also be aware that whilst you are able to arrange your own taxi, the allowance you receive may not be sufficient to cover the cost.

General Information

When your application has been assessed you will be informed of the decision in writing. We will let you know when your child’s current transport arrangements will end and when you should expect to receive your first direct travel payment.

Direct travel payments will only be given when financially viable and when no existing transport is in place. Should a more cost effective method of transport become available, the Local Authority reserves the right to withdraw the payment.


What if I have more than one child to transport?

Where more than one child is to be transported in a personal vehicle the mileage rate will increase by 25%. Where travel passes are paid, we will cover the cost for each individual child (where financially viable).

If I claim DTP can my child still use the vehicle provided by the Local Authority?

No, by applying for DTP you will become responsible for making your own arrangements for transporting your child to and from school.

What if I can no longer accept DTP?

Please give us a call if you feel you can no longer claim direct travel payments, we may be able to resolve any issues. If the Local Authority are required to arrange transport please be aware that we need at least 5-10 working days’ notice.

What evidence do I need to provide to claim my DTP?

We require a claim form to be completed at the start of the school year in every instance. If you are claiming for travel passes/tickets you will need to submit a receipt or the tickets themselves.

What if my child is ill?

No proof of attendance is required for your payments, but if your child is off school for a long period of time or stops attending completely please let us know.

How often will I receive my DTP?

If you are claiming for a travel pass/ticket then you can claim for these whenever they are purchased (e.g. termly/annually). If you are claiming a mileage allowance, then these payments will be made monthly in advance direct into your bank account.

What if my child has never used a bus before?

Warwickshire County Council plans to run Independent Travel Training sessions for secondary school aged children in the near future. These sessions will help to give young people the skills and confidence to travel independently. We will provide parents with more information on this as it becomes available.

Contact Details

For more information about Direct Travel Payments please contact:

Education Transport

Warwickshire County Council, Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4RL

01926 412929 (Option 1)