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All recycling centres will be open as normal on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and the larger recycling centres will also be open on Bank Holiday Monday.

Cherry Orchard, Shipston, Stockton and Wellesbourne will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday due to planning restrictions.

The sites that will be open on Bank Holiday Monday are:

The Warwickshire recycling centres offer an array of opportunities to reuse and recycle your unwanted items. Preloved items for reuse can be donated at every site to be resold for the benefit of local charities.

Cllr Heather Timms, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Environment, Climate and Culture, said: “Many of us will use the opportunity of a bank holiday weekend to have a good sort out in the house or garden. As a result of this, we are expecting busy sites this weekend, so make sure to book an appointment to avoid disappointment.

“Warwickshire has made a commitment to significantly reducing its carbon footprint and the impact of recycling must not be underestimated in this challenge.  If we reuse or recycle, we greatly reduce the energy used in creating new products and dramatically reduce the amount of household waste that ends up going for disposal. The battle against waste is upon us, and the front line starts right at our doorsteps and our household waste recycling centres. These centres are not simple repositories for our unwanted items; they are vital weapons in our fight for a cleaner, brighter and greener future.”

More information about the reuse shop at Judkins HWRC in Nuneaton can be found here

For all other reuse shops, please go to

For an efficient visit, residents are asked to pre-sort their recycling. A list of the recycling streams each site offers can be found via

Booking is required for a visit to a Warwickshire recycling centre. Appointments can be made on the day up to minutes before arrival, so long as there is capacity. Book via the Eventbrite App or via: 

Weekday afternoons offer the least busy experience and have the most choice of appointments available on the day. The larger sites listed above, plus Cherry Orchard in Kenilworth are open until 6pm.

Residents can Follow Warwickshire Recycles on social media for daily tips:

Residents can find out where their recycling goes and the types of products it goes on to be remade into by visiting

For more information about how Warwickshire County Council is facing the challenges of the climate change emergency, visit:

Get the latest news about how Warwickshire County Council and partners are facing the challenge of the climate emergency and how you can get involved:

Published: 26th May 2023

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