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The George Eliot Collection at Nuneaton Library

Nuneaton Library holds one of the prime collections on George Eliot in Britain.

It was started in the early days of the town’s first public library around 1900 and has been built up over the years. Nuneaton people take great pride in their local author, and the library collected early editions of her works, and books about her from all over the world.

The collection contains:

  • over 2,000 books, including the novels, poetry, essays, biographies and literary criticism;
  • photographs;
  • pamphlets;
  • popular titles available for loan.
  • facsimiles of 190 letters – correspondence between the author, her family and friends
  • The George Eliot Fellowship collection of scrapbooks, containing newspaper cuttings and articles about the author, and their work in promoting her.

To view items from the George Eliot Collection please contact us in advance, to make an appointment to visit.