The Reablement Service helps you regain the skills and confidence you need to live independently at home, particularly after an illness or a stay in hospital.

It is available for up to six weeks for people aged 18 and over who live in Warwickshire. The aim is to assist you to manage your daily activities like washing, dressing, cooking and shopping. We will also advise you about safety issues to help you reduce the risk of falls for example.

The service will reduce your need for ongoing support services by improving your practical abilities so that you can do more for yourself.

If you have ongoing care needs, you will be entitled to an assessment where we will talk to you about the care and support needs you have and how these needs can be met.

This service may not be suitable for everyone as you may still need a higher level of care. This service is only available if you can consistently participate in reablement and have the potential to benefit from a reablement programme.