Benefits of mulch mowing

1. Mulching mowers collection free with no waste disposal

Unlike conventional mowers which collect grass clippings, new style mulching lawn mowers operate a system which recycles the clippings as you mow. Mulching lawn mowers chop the grass clippings into fine particles then push the particles right down into the turf out of sight. There are no grass bags or collectors to empty – no trips to the compost bin. The result is a perfect lawn finish that’s 30% quicker.

2. Mulching mowers are environmentally friendly

According to research, a lawn of half an acre can generate as much as 4.5 tonnes of grass cuttings in a year. Without recycling this is an incredible waste of resources, collecting this grass is also a waste of time and effort when there is an alternative.

3. Mulching mowers cut and fertilise

Using a mulching mower recycles grass clippings in a way that actually feeds the soil. You don’t need to add fertiliser or “weed and feed” products. As the clippings decompose nutrients and fertilisers are returned to the soil, you can cut the grass and fertilise at the same time. The smaller clippings produced by mulching mowers decompose readily into your lawn.

4. Mulching creates a healthier looking lawn

When grass clippings decompose, they return valuable nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. The decomposed clippings form humus which helps loosen hard soils making more oxygen and nutrients available to the roots of the grass. Humus also enriches sandy soil by helping it retain moisture more effectively.

5. Mulching feeds soil microorganisms

Healthy soil is full of micro-organisms, earthworms and beneficial insects. Feeding these creatures regularly with organic matter can actually improve the quality of your soil and your lawn. Finely chopped grass from a mulching deck provides a banquet for these tiny animals and plants. The smaller the particles of organic matter the quicker they break down and release valuable elements and humus to the soil. This is the natural way to a better looking, greener lawn.

6. Mulching mowers reduce thatch

Mulching actually reduces thatch and contrary to popular belief it does not cause thatch build-up. Simply cutting and leaving long grass on a lawn may provide conditions for thatch build-up however correct mulching reduces thatch by creating a more healthy soil and root zone. The micro-organisms that thrive on decomposing mulched clippings also do a good job breaking down thatch.

7. Great looking lawns

Perhaps the most important consideration of all is how great your lawn looks after mulching. By improving the texture and content of the soil and reducing disease and thatch, the end result of lawn mulching is a fuller, healthier looking lawn.